What You Should Know About Phuket Villa Rentals

More and more independent travelers are coming to the realization that it’s really better to rent a villa or a private home rather than stay at hotels. Villas are ideal accommodations for holidays because they can accommodate large groups and they also provide privacy if you’re celebrating a special occasion. Villas, when you really come to think of it, is cheaper than a luxury hotel but is better than a guesthouse by a mile.

On Phuket, you might just find that there are many private rentals for rent, with daily rates ranging from $200 to $500. For budget travelers, such daily rates are not cheap, but when you consider that each room can accommodate six or so people, it does not sound expensive at all.

phuket-villasIf you want to find a villa for rent in Phuket, your best bet is going to the website Phuketvillarentals.com, which has been providing information on villas, apartments and homes for rent to international visitors since 1999.

From the website, you can book your private villas in Phuket. You can search based on the number of rooms, location, and your budget. If there’s something you need that you did not find on the website, contact the website and tell them about it.

You might think that Phuket is only for short-term travelers, however, the truth is that it’s actually becoming popular as a tropical home for many expats, and many expats live there for three months to twelve months in managed homes. Each home has a pool, garden and the option of service staff.

Not all villas are created alike, and while there are beachfront villas that give you a great view of the ocean, there are hillside retreats where you can take in a panoramic view of the ocean. And then there are marina hideaways and golf course getaways. So, when you’re ready, book a villa now.

When you arrive at your destination, you will need to check in with the property manager for a home orientation. Most villas offer daily maid service, twice a week line change, supplies for guests, complimentary welcome pack, directory and information pack, 24-hour emergency number, support for guest services, and tour information.

The property manager can also arrange for full-time maids, chauffeurs and cooks. They can also provide babysitters and speedboat charters. Take note: some properties do not allow pets and children so make sure to check the property if they allow you to bring your pets and your children along.

With such quality services, it’s no wonder travelers flock to Phuket by the thousands every year.

Because it is a holiday destination, you can expect to find many, many villas in Phuket in all shapes and conditions. However, you can view them all from place if you visit the website Phuketvillarentals.com. Of course, it’s not the only websites where you can find information and book villas in Phuket, but then it is the official website of Phuket Island Property Services or PIPS, the property management company of most villas, apartments and homes in the area.